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Data Recovery Services in Maryland

Data Recovery Services in Maryland

Data Recovery Services in Maryland

PC Secure Technology offers local, affordable, data recovery services in Maryland. We can recover your important, irreplaceable, data

from PC or Mac hard drives, external hard drives, USB

flash drives, and SD cards.

Free Diagnostic   |   No Recovery, No Charge   |   Quick Turnaround
Mac / PC Hard Drive Data Recovery

Whether your on a Windows, Mac, or Linux system, we can recover your data.


Data recovery is available for all hard drives using FAT, NTFS, HFS+, or EXT file systems and all disk sizes including 1", 1.8", 2.5", and 3.5" IDE/SATA hard drives.


Mac / PC Hard Drive Data Recovery
Our Data Recovery Process
  1. Diagnose hard drive or storage device.

  2. We notify you with the results

  3. Recovered data is moved to a your transfer drive.

  4. Your recovered data is ready for pickup or delivery

Our Data Recovery Process

Common hard drive failures we handle:


  • Clicking noises (not always internal damage)

  • Won't mount on your Desktop (Mac)

  • Doesn't appear in BIOS or Windows (PC)

  • Data can't be recovered using software tools

  • Accidentally reformatted

  • Accidentally erased / trashed / recycled files

  • Corrupt file system or operating system

  • Missing or lost files

  • Virus infection

  • Dying or completely dead drive (no noise, doesn't spin up)

  • Broken USB connector or other interface

  • Liquid damage / water damage


Common hard drive failures we handle:

Privacy & Confidentiality


Privacy and Confidentiality is extremely important to us, and you. We assure the privacy and confidentiality of your files. We never share any recovered data with anyone other than the owner of the hard drive.

Privacy & Confidentiality
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